More Hotels Are Choosing Hästens

Posted January 20th, 2021 in Brickell Mattress, mattress collection, Top Mattress Brands and tagged , by Jorge Lopez

More and more hotels are choosing to upgrade the sleep experience for their guests by opting for Hästens beds. From “The Big Apple” New York right here in the United States to Italy, Norway, and more, the next you book a high-end hotel stay, you may find yourself sleeping on Hästens.

For example, in Trondheim, Norway, Britannia chose to renovate each of its 250+ rooms with a Hästens bed and others have followed suit, like Andermatt’s The Chedi. Coincidentally, The Chedi was also named the best Holiday Hotel recently.

Italy’s Villa La Madonna and the recent CBR Boutique in Portugal have also gone ahead and placed Hästens beds in their rooms. Speaking of distinctions, the Niekhu Mountain Villa received UNESCO’s prestigious award for the world’s best hotel interior and all fourteen of its double rooms feature beds by Hästens.

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