Science Reveals Yet Another Side Effect of Sleep Deprivation

Posted November 8th, 2018 in Carpe Diem, Mattress Brands, Top Mattress Brands and tagged , by Jorge Lopez

We all know that a good night’s sleep keeps the body and mind in good shape and may prevent lots of illnesses. In case you needed yet another reason to get to bed on time, a recent study suggests that sleeping less than six hours a night will result in another body ailment: dehydration.

Sure enough, researchers discovered that people who slept less than six hours a night showed greater odds of being hydrated, as much as 59 percent compared to those that regularly slept eight hours. The researchers believe this may be due to a hormone in the body called vasopressin which the body regularly releases throughout the day to keep fluid levels manageable. The hormone is released on a quicker basis and later on during the sleep cycle. Because it makes sure that the body doesn’t lose excess water during sleep, vasopressin is unable to properly do its job, resulting in dehydration.

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