Stop Believing These Sleep Myths

Posted April 12th, 2018 in Hastens, Luxury Beds, Mattress Brands and tagged , by coreyconsulting

sleepyStrangerYour sleep quality will affect virtually every part of your life in some way, whether it’s your health, your productivity at work, or your mood. Not getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just feeling tired the following day; you may notice you can’t focus properly and you might not make the wisest decisions. These are proven side effects of not sleeping well, but there are also myths that many people seem to believe.

Being functional at work means you’re sleeping well. If you chronically sleep poorly, your body will adapt to that feeling of tiredness, tricking you into thinking that’s just the way you should feel. Your body may not feel tired, but your brain might be sleep deprived and it will let you know this by affecting your ability to remember things or making you irritable when dealing with co-workers.

You need eight hours of sleep. No, you don’t necessarily eight hours. While it’s considered the magic number, there are people that can wake up feeling rested and alert on seven hours of sleep. A tiny population can also make do with five, but that’s rare. Keep in mind your mattress and its quality will also factor heavily into those hours.

You can “catch up” or make up for sleep. Only getting six hours of sleep on weekdays and then sleeping in for nine or ten on Saturday isn’t doing anything for you. Instead, try and get into the habit of waking up at the same time each day, even weekends.

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