The All-Natural Materials of Vispring Beds

Besides the meticulous craftsmanship, the exceptional comfort of Vispring beds has a lot to do with the all-natural materials found inside of the beds, like cotton, Vicuña wool, and more. To give you an idea of what some of these are and how they affect your sleep, continue reading.

Wool is known for being soft, strong, with a bit of a spring to it. Vispring remains the sole bed maker to utilize 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool. This wool results in a bed that is hypo-allergenic and breathable. The bamboo Vispring uses is from China and much like wool, it creates a soft and exceptionally absorbent bed that assists with wicking away moisture so you wake up refreshed without being sweaty.

Horsehair from the animal’s mane of tail has remained a vital element of upholstery and bed making for countless years. Adding horsetail to a bed is akin to giving it millions of extra springs: the fiber bounces back after being compressed so that the mattress retains its shape after a person has slept on it all night.

Mohair is among the oldest fibers that are still in use today, known for its resiliency, durability, and delicate softness. As a superb natural insulator, it maintains its warmth so you’ll sleep warmer when the temperatures become a little too cool.

Cashmere comes from the soft under-fleece of the Cashmere goat. It has exceptional absorbency, resiliency, and it is wonderfully smooth, with long, silky fibers that provide optimum insulation. Cashmere plays a vital role in one of a kind softness and luxurious feel of Vispring’s mattresses.

Silk has remained highly prized since ancient times and it is incredibly strong yet incredibly soft. Rare and refined, silk provides a naturally sumptuous bedtime experience, able to adjust to ambient temperature so that the bed remains cool in the summer and warmer during the winter while offering distinctive smoothness throughout the year.

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