Your Body’s Way of Telling You It’s Sleep Deprived

sleepDeprivationMost people remain on a never-ending quest to catch a couple of more hours of sleep each night, but few people actually get enough. The body has several ways of making it known that you’re not getting the amount of sleep you should, and it goes well beyond a feeling or tiredness or constant yawning.

Do you find yourself feeling unusually hungry? Contrary to what you may think, feeling like you’re almost starving might have something to do with being tired versus a missed meal. Not getting enough sleep may result in higher levels of a hormone called ghrelin, which is also responsible for triggering hunger. Instead of that late night meal, it may be wiser to go to bed instead.

Are you finding yourself unable to recall things such as where you left your keys or does it seem like you can’t focus on a task at work? It may not be early signs of dementia, it could be a lack of sleep which can cause lower levels of alertness and increase forgetfulness.

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