Experience the Height of Luxury with the Hästens Superia Bed

Posted September 11th, 2023 in Hastens, Hastens Superia by coreyconsulting

If you’re looking for the best sleeping experience money can buy then you need look no further than the Hästens Superia Bed. This luxury bed will transform your sleep, providing a deep and restful night’s sleep in unparalleled comfort and support.

The Hästens Superia Bed features the highest quality natural materials, including horsetail hair, cotton, wool and flax. These materials are blended together using the Hästens layer-upon-layer technique, which gives this bed its unique pliability and softness.

The combination of these natural materials provides support and comfort for your body, as well as allowing for the free circulation of air to ensure a comfortable temperature. The Superia Bed also helps to ensure that your spine is kept straight and in perfect alignment, whatever position you sleep in.

The Hästens Superia Bed is the ultimate in luxury and sophistication, and it will provide you with a truly restorative sleep experience. Invest in a Hästens Superia Bed today and enjoy the highest quality sleep every night.

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Act Now Before Hästens Price Increase on March 7th – Get the Perfect Bed for Full Awakefulness!

Posted February 6th, 2023 in Hastens, Hästens 2000T, Hästens Maranga, Hastens Superia by coreyconsulting

Are you in search of the perfect bed to get the best sleep of your life? If so, now is the time to act before Hästens raises its prices on March 7th!


Hästens, the leading manufacturer of beds, mattresses, bed linen and other accessories, is increasing the prices of all its beds and other products. This means that the cost for full awakefulness will never be as low as it is now. That’s why Hästens is encouraging people who want the best to be their best to seize this opportunity to purchase a Hästens bed at a more attractive price point than after the price increase.


Hästens has a variety of beds to choose from. The Hästens Superia is their best frame bed ever built, the Hästens Maranga is perfect for those looking for a sense of serenity, and the Hästens 2000T is ideal for those looking for three separate spring systems to support their body.


At Brickell Mattress, you can find the perfect bed for you with the help of their sleep experts. They will help you decide which Hästens bed is best for you, so you can achieve full awakefulness and wake up to a brighter day.


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Buy a Hastens Mattress Before the Price Increases

Posted September 26th, 2022 in Hastens, Hästens 2000T, Hästens Maranga, Hastens Superia, luxury mattress by coreyconsulting

Hastens, the world-famous Swedish bed manufacturer, will soon raise the prices of all their products, including beds, mattresses, bed linens, and other accessories. This means now is the perfect time to save money and upgrade to a more comfortable luxury mattress before the October 4th price increase.


The price of a Hastens mattress will never be as affordable as it is now. This includes the Hastens 2000T, which features three distinct spring systems to support your body and make you feel as though you are resting on a cloud. There is also the Hastens Maranga, which immediately envelops you with a sense of calm and is the epitome of responsive flexibility. It also includes the Hastens Superia, which boasts the most comfortable bed frame Hastens has ever created. The Superia’s two spring systems and the finest natural materials will have you waking up to a better day.


Only the best natural materials are used by Hastens to make their beds. The natural materials are also ethically and sustainably sourced. Additionally, and most importantly, each bed is made by hand using techniques that have been passed down through generations. Therefore, Hastens will ensure the highest levels of padding, comfort, and performance.



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