Hästens Gets Beautifully Creative With Its Store Display

Maybe 2021 is the year when you decide to upgrade your bed and prioritize sleep. If that’s the case, Hästens has got you covered. Speaking of Hästens, over in France, the Hästens store was closed last month because of the pandemic. Instead of resting on its laurels, the Swedish mattress maker got creative.

Using the assistance of Swedish designer Yvonne Börjesson, Hästens decided to spruce up its store window display, showcasing an inviting bedroom experience. Börjesson took the time to truly understand what Hästens is all about and used a Tamerlan headboard to complement the bed and its widely recognized blue check pattern that has become synonymous with the brand. Complementing the bed was a series of Maseiro lamps made by hand, further reinforcing Hästens’ longtime tradition of making its beds entirely by hand using the skills of talented artisans.

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