Hästens Presents a New Bed in Celebration of Its 170th Anniversary

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Dubbed the “drēmər” by the family-owned Swedish company, the exclusive new model was inspired by the power of the human mind and the infinite possibilities of manifestation. The drēmər is a tribute to Hästens founder Pehr Adolf Janson and the six generations of “dreamers” who helped establish the company as a luxury brand.

The drēmər was designed by the world-renowned interior designer Ferris Rafauli, who also designed the Grand Vividus model. The luxurious bed, like its predecessors, took more than 300 hours to create in the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Köping, Sweden.

Meanwhile, the bed’s foundation is made of the company’s signature blend of cotton, wool, flax, and horsehair. The latter was chosen because it provides natural airflow to keep you cool while you sleep. Rafauli also employed polished leather and metal, both of which are common in saddle construction.

Rafauli outfitted the bed with a signature woven checkerboard cloth based on the brand’s horse monogram, paying tribute to Hästens’ past as expert saddle builders. It’s similar to the fabric used on the Grand Vividus and comes in the same four colors (Traditional Blue, Black Shadow, Natural Shale and Phantom Charcoal). The wonderfully handcrafted velvet headboard, which comes complete with elaborate piping and a striking color to accent the checkered fabric, is what sets the drēmər apart from the Grand Vividus and others. The bed also features a set of elegant lacquered wood legs available in black and blue that were made particularly for the drēmər.

The drēmər, like other Hästens mattresses, may be tailored to fit your body composition, temperature preferences, and firmness preferences. It comes in all of the regular sizes, but it can also be customized to your desired length and width. To top it off, the mattress can be serviced by one of the brand’s unique “bed massagers” as needed to keep it in peak condition.


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Wake Up Feeling Younger with Hastens

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Wake Up Feeling Younger with Hastens

Do you ever wake up and feel older than you really are? In recent studies, a bad night’s sleep has been linked to having a bad attitude about aging, like feeling old. According to experts, not only does poor sleep make you feel more pessimistic about aging, but it can also harm your health.


Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your physical, mental and cognitive health. Researchers discovered that people who rated their sleep the worst felt older. Participants in the two year long study also had the impression that they were rapidly aging. This is thought to be because Sleep deprivation causes the brain’s amygdala and prefrontal cortex to become less connected. These areas are in charge of regulating our impulses and digesting relevant data. Sleep-deprived people, for example, suffer gaps in focus, make poor decisions, engage in unethical behavior and struggle to control negative emotions. In general, those who do not get enough sleep have a harder time processing information.


However, experts also point out that correcting sleep issues may improve people’s aging experiences. A good night’s sleep lays the groundwork for a better day, as you feel more alert and energized. A Hastens mattress offers the ideal combination of comfort and support, as well as breathability and the capacity to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Each natural substance has distinct advantages, and when combined, they contribute to a restful night’s sleep.


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The Benefits of Sharing a Bed with Your Valentine

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The Benefits of Sharing a Bed with Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is commonly associated with flowers, chocolates and shiny things. Yet, it’s often said the greatest gift is a great night’s sleep. So what’s the best gift for your valentine?


Well, according to sleep experts, new research shows sleeping with a partner can improve one’s overall well-being. Besides the obvious reasons of comfort and safety, sharing a bed with someone has a positive chemical reaction, too. Sleeping next to someone releases dopamine and serotonin, which can be converted into melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that makes a person feel sleepy, and in turn influences sleeping and waking periods. In a sense, this biological clock is responsible for booking one’s sleep every night. Checking them in and out so that they can take full advantage of all the benefits sleep has to offer.


Above the skin and under the sheets, sleeping with a partner can also strengthen a couple’s relationship. A better night’s sleep is key to long-term physical health and emotional wellness. A great night’s sleep calms anxiety and relieves stress, benefitting the relationship of those who share a bed. A well-rested couple is a happier couple, and when a bed is shared with a partner, levels of happiness improve.


This Valentine’s day, perhaps the greatest gift you can give your partner is yourself, though chocolates can never hurt, too.

Sleeping isn’t the only thing better together. This Friday February 11, through Monday February 14, Hastens mattresses invites you to a Valentine’s Day experience. Enjoy a glass of red wine with a bite of chocolate, before getting into bed with your Valentine.


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Your Dream Mattress is Here

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Hastens Marquis mattresses

Have you always dreamed of owning a one-of-a-kind bed? Perhaps you have heard plenty about the namesake of Hastens and have been eager to try one of their horsetail hair mattresses for yourself. Well, now you can experience the original, simplest model of the famous Hastens blue-check print. The Hastens Marquis Mattress is the best and most simple way to get a quality mattress without sacrificing all the quality that Hastens has to offer.


The Hastens Marquis helped make Hastens what it is today – one of the world’s most desired bed brands. Horsetail hair, wool, and cotton and crafted together by hand through a special layer technique. All Hastens beds are made by highly-skilled, expert bed builders in their home country of Sweden.


Craftsmanship is what sets Hastens apart and what allows Hastens Marquis mattresses to be responsive and moldable to your body to get the right degree of firmness. Nights of quality sleep and days of feeling amazing are not too far off.


The natural fibers allow an additional layer of comfort to support your body and allow air circulation to keep the body cool and dry throughout the night. Its double spring system helps your body feel supported so it can relax. Plus, each spring reacts separately, so no more waking up when your partner is moving around in bed.


The Hastens Marquis can be purchased at Brickell Mattress. Choose from 14 different original fabric colors and three levels of firmness. Accessories such as a headboard, bed skirts, and pillows may also be purchased.


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​​Visit the Hasten Relaxation Experience at Art Basel 2021

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This year, Hastens Miami has crafted the ultimate break and relaxation experience, available at this year’s Art Basel in Miami. The sleep spa will be offering a private sleep and spa session on one of the best-known and most luxurious mattresses in the world – the Hastens Grand Vividus, available for $500,000.


The Grand Vividus is a Hastens mattress designed by Ferris Rafauli. Rafauli is a world-class designer, creating elegant lifestyle creations for an elite clientele. Raufauli is also known for designing rapper Drake’s home. Along with his collaboration with Hastens. Rafauli has designed numerous restaurants, lounges, private jets, cars, private yachts, and luxury retail spaces. 


The sleep spa will be located at the Hastens Miami, right in the heart of the Design District. Hastens has partnered with Dr. Irina Logman for acupuncture services and massage treatments, Dr. Barba Strum for anti aging treatments, and Juan Quintero, a Hastens managing partner specializing in sleep and spinal health, will be using sleep therapy on all sleep spa sessions. 


Spots are limited and can be reserved by emailing miami@hastensstores.com or calling the store at 112 NE 41st St, directly at 305.615.2002.


Sessions with Dr. Logman (acupuncture, massage, and sleep sessions) are appointment only for Friday, December 3. Sessions with Dr. Strum for The Ultimate Antiaging Basel Break are only available on Saturday, December 4. Whichever session you choose, you will not only get to experience the world’s best mattress but receive a take-home gift from Hastens. 


The Grand Vividus mattress will be unveiled for the first time in the Hastens Miami store showroom on Thursday, December 2. 


Brickell Mattress is also proud to offer Hastens mattresses. 

New Hastens Sleep Spa/Hotel Open in Portugal

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Many people love to travel for the sake of staying in luxury hotels with top mattress brands and the chance for a relaxing getaway from home. However, even with top-rated hotels’ comfy beds, it can be challenging to get a good night of rest. That is why Hastens, who makes the finest mattress collection, opened the first Hastens Sleep Spa Hotel, furnished with their luxury beds.


The sleep spa, Located in Coimbra, Portugal, is a fifteen-room micro boutique hotel with everything you need to help fight off a night of insomnia and features a mattress that offers back support. It is a unique wellness experience that connects deeply with the vibrant history of Portugal and pays tribute to the Joanine Library – noted to be one of the most original and spectacular Baroque libraries in all of Europe.


The inspiration behind the famed library is what inspired Hastens to choose Coimbra for their first-ever sleep spa/hotel. Each room has a unique flair that overlooks the Mondego River or the hotel’s private garden. The inspiration behind the rooms came from the literary concepts and magnificence of the Joanine Library, combining it with an exclusive spa concept, and of course – the famous Hastens blue check pattern. Each room comes complete with Hastens bedding made with natural goose feathers that contain zero synthetic materials, a Hastens bathrobe and slippers, air conditioning and individual climate control, a TV, a safe, wifi and socket adapters, a minibar, and Aqua di Parma spa amenities.


Hastens mattresses are known to help you achieve the ultimate sleep. Better sleep could mean a lowered chance of sleep disorders. However, you do not have to travel far to experience the phenomenon. You can experience luxury mattresses for yourself right here in Miami – visit us in-store to feel a Hastens mattress for yourself.

The Health Benefits of Napping

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Is there anyone who does not enjoy a good nap? Now you have a good excuse to spend your Sunday afternoons dozing off instead of doing much-need housework – it can provide you with several health benefits. Daytime naps may help those with sleep disorders but can still make a difference for those without.

A short nap can help with sleepiness in the day and help you be more productive by providing you a much-needed boost of energy. Naps speed up alertness, increase reaction time, and help your cognitive functions perform to the best of their ability. Along with it – an increased memory. Multiple studies have found that nappers outperform those who do not nap in remembering new information. Naps can also boost your mood, which is perfect for a midday break from work.

If you can, try taking a daytime nap break from work (best done on one of the Hastens mattresses!)

Naps do not need to be long either – short naps on a horsetail hair mattress are actually better to reap in the health benefits of a good nap. Try a 15 to 30-minute nap. They will leave you feeling refreshed but will keep you from transitioning into a deeper sleep and waking up feeling more exhausted. In fact, long naps can cause issues – sleep inertia and insomnia.

Sleep inertia will have you feeling very groggy and most likely worse off than before your nap. With insomnia, too much daytime sleep can make it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep at night, ultimately disrupting your entire sleep cycle.

Next time you have the urge to doze off, maybe try a quick nap for the kick of energy you need.

What Exactly Happens When You Sleep?

There is nothing quite like laying your head down on the pillow at night, feeling yourself drift off into another cozy night of rest. It is even better when you wake up feeling renewed and ready for the day. Sleep is an essential part of the human experience but remains quite a mystery when it comes to health science.


Here is what we know for sure:


Within minutes of falling asleep, there are significant changes in both the brain and body. Your body temperature drops, brain activity slows, along with your heart rate and respiration. Sleep scientists have narrowed down the four stages of sleeping, each lasting anywhere from 70 to 120 minutes.


In the first stage, which occurs in the first five minutes after falling asleep, all body systems are impacted by a good night’s sleep on comfortable mattresses, then transitioning into stage two, where similar things occur, but at a higher rate. It is easier to wake up at this time.


The third stage is where your body is relaxed, and the brain has the slowest activity. The third stage is the deepest part of non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Deep sleep is a key part of repairing the body and assists with memory. The final stage is the only stage of REM sleep, where your brain picks up activity, and most of the body goes through temporary paralysis, except your eyes and muscles used for breathing. This is where dreams usually happen.


Most people spend most of their sleeping time in REM, occurring more often in the later parts of the night. Each person will experience all four stages, but how long they stay in them and what changes in the body occur will depend on external factors such as activity levels and sleeping environment.


Looking for a better night of rest? Hastens mattresses are designed specifically to help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night. Try out the Hastens experience at Brickell Mattress, located in the heart of Miami on Calle Ocho.

Enjoy Sleep Bliss on the Hästens Maranga

If there was ever a way to experience what it would be like to sleep on a cloud, the compellingly called Hästens Maranga comes extremely close to emulating the feeling, resulting in what many might describe as sleep nirvana. That massive praise means Hästens has set the bar exceedingly high when it comes to the softness, firmness, and pliability of this beautifully comfy mattress, and we can practically guarantee that it does not disappoint.

It’s a wonderfully, serenely comforting sense of relaxation that sets in when you lay down on the Hästens Maranga. Le the mind drift blissfully as the bed softly embraces. No one would ever assume that you’ve just been in it because of the outstanding responsiveness of the bed. When it’s time for bed each night, replicate this great feeling on the Maranga.

The handcrafted Hästens Maranga provides a complete soothing sleep each night thanks to its use of all-natural materials such as horsetail fur, wool, cotton, and flax. The Maranga’s layers are carefully built by hand by highly trained artisans using a method that has been precisely calibrated for centuries.

This update is by Brickell Mattress. We sell luxury beds and the world’s top mattresses brands: VISPRING Luxury Beds and mattresses, Hästens Since 1852, and CARPE DIEM BEDS OF SWEDEN. We offer a sterling selection of mattresses including organic & natural latex, as well as handcrafted beds and innerspring mattresses. We also have a broad selection of bedroom furniture and accessories. With more than eight years of working in the bedding industry, we pride ourselves on being your premium quality sleep center in Miami-Dade County. Visit us online at http://www.brickellmattress.com, at our store located at 1030 SW 8th Street in Miami or give us a call at 305-326-4000 for more information on Hästens mattresses or other brands.

Poor Sleep May Derail Your Weight Loss Goals

Are you among the millions of people who resolved to lose weight in 2021? If you’re finding that your weight loss efforts aren’t going as planned, you may want to pay closer attention to your sleep habits. A lack of sleep may up your risk of health conditions like obesity.

While eight hours of sleep is considered ideal, at least seven is recommended to keep the body and mind running smoothly. If you’re sleeping for fewer hours, your risk of gaining weight is increased. You may also be more inclined to consume foods that are high in calories as willpower to refrain from consuming such foods is diminished.

Sleep deprivation will also cause the body to produce greater levels of ghrelin and fewer levels of leptin. These are appetite hormones that may increase the chances of overeating.

Remember that even if you are going to sleep at a decent time, too much tossing and turning as a result of an uncomfortable mattress can also contribute to sleep deprivation.

To read more about sleep and the ties to weight management, please visit https://www.healthline.com/health/weight-loss/the-science-behind-sleep-and-weight-loss#sleep-and-weight-gain.

This update is by Brickell Mattress. We sell luxury beds and the world’s top mattresses brands: Hästens Since 1852 and CARPE DIEM BEDS OF SWEDEN. We offer a sterling selection of mattresses including organic & natural latex, as well as handcrafted beds and innerspring mattresses. We also have a broad selection of bedroom furniture and accessories. With more than eight years of working in the bedding industry, we pride ourselves on being your premium quality sleep center in Miami-Dade County. Visit us online at http://www.brickellmattress.com, at our store located at 1030 SW 8th Street in Miami. Please call 305-326-4000, check out the website at www.brickellmattress.com or visit Brickell Mattress at 1030 SW 8th Street in the heart of Miami. Hästens mattresses are also sold at the Miami Design District: 112 NE 41 Street, Suite #100, Miami, FL 33137.