Should You Take That Afternoon Nap?

Chances are there has been more than one occasion where you’ve felt yourself dozing off at work or school. While this could be due to a sleep disorder or poor health, one way to combat sleepiness or sluggishness is to take a nap.

Depending on who you ask, you may be told that taking a nap during the day is not a good idea because it will ruin your sleep for the evening. Then again, there are those that suggest a quick nap will do the body good. Who are you to believe?

The business news website Quartzy asked several sleep experts whether it’s wise to sleep during the day and the consensus is yes, a daytime nap will do you some good provided you nap the right way.

A nap can increase alertness as well as improve mental performance. Furthermore, a nap may also help with lowering blood pressure. The key is to limit your nap to no more than thirty minutes. Anything more than that and you’re running the risk of going into deep sleep. If you wake up during this sleep stage, you’ll feel worse.

Even if you aren’t feeling exceptionally tired, a nap will do the body good. While you won’t always have a mattress like Hastens or Vispring around, these brands will help you enjoy a more restful nap thanks to their optimum comfort. When you wake up, you’re ready to face whatever the rest of the day throws at you.

To read more, visit https://qz.com/quartzy/1589457/is-napping-good-for-you-only-if-you-do-it-the-right-way/.

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