Take a Bath Before Bed, Sleep Better

Countless people suffer from a sleep disorder such as insomnia. These problems often involve lots of tossing and turning, with an inability to fall asleep. In addition to having a comfortable, supportive mattress, recent research seems to reinforce the benefits of taking a shower just before bed.

Over 5,000 studies involving the relationship between sleep and bathing reveal that indeed, a warm bath of at least 104 degrees can significantly boost sleep efficiency. In other words, there was less tossing and turning and more time sleeping versus not taking a shower before bed. If the shower is taken about an hour or so before bedtime, the speed of falling asleep increases by over thirty percent.

What is it about a shower that does the body and sleep well? Let’s refer to science. A person’s body temperature fluctuates in a 24 hour period, with it being higher in the morning and evening and at its lowest during nighttime sleep. The body temperature needs to plummet to initiate quality sleep. When taking a warm shower or bath, the body carries significant blood flow to the surface, particularly to the feet and hands.

Combine the warm bath with a Hästens or Vispring mattress and you may never have to deal with sleep disorders again.

To read more about the studies, please visit https://www.thetelegraph.com/news/article/Want-better-sleep-Try-a-warm-bath-or-shower-1-2-14300190.php.

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