Are Sleep Preferences an Influence on Personality?

There is extensive research on human personality traits – what makes us tick, how we interact with one another, and what we take an interest in. A new study has added another factor in personality, and it indicates that sleep preferences could be a factor.


Sleep preference is technically known as chronotype – an individual’s natural preference for the time of day they sleep and when they feel the most alert. This is largely influenced by genetics and impacts when we go to bed, when we wake up, our appetite, and our body temperature regulation.


In a recent study conducted by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science, the results showed that a preference for morning versus evening was due in large part to genetics, along with sleep tendency. These factors were shown to indicate certain personality traits.


Those considered “night owls” were more likely to be more open-minded. “Early birds” showed more aptness to be agreeable and conscientious. The study showed that this lines up with understanding and complying with societal obligations. Night owls had a harder time adjusting to societal normalities, like a schedule centered around an early bird world.


The study also showed a higher link for night owls to a lower score in self-control, meaning substance dependence was a higher likely outcome than their morning-inclined counterparts. Societal pressures, like families, jobs, and competing schedules, could be one of the greatest causes of this trait.


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