Hastens Partners With Designer Brand Supreme

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Hastens has partnered with designer brand Supreme for their Fall/Winter 2021 collection, which features a luxury Hastens mattress. Hastens has swapped out their famous blue and white checkered pattern in favor of a red and white Supreme branded mattress. The king-size bed has 27 layers of horsetail hair, cotton, flax, wool, Bonnell springs with beechwood legs. The partnership reinforces the idea that sleep is key to any lifestyle.


Hastens wool mattresses are no stranger to high-profile fame. Last year, hip-rap/rap artist Drake revealed a custom set-up made in collaboration with Ferris Rafauli and Hastens on Instagram. The set-up costs over $500,000 and took 600 hours to make. Other celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie have all been known to own a Hastens mattress. 


Curious about what it feels like to sleep in a Hastens bed? Brickell Mattress in Miami offers Hastens mattresses, like the Hastens 2000T mattresses, for purchase. Visit us in-store to see which Hastens bed will fit perfectly into your home. 


The Hastens 2000T is a versatile option, fitting nearly any bedroom. Originally designed to adjust to even the slightest of movements and sleep positions adjustments, the incredible support of the mattress comes from a trio of Hastens Spring systems that support the entire body as you sleep. It is everything a Hastens should be, crafted with exclusive quality and petition to great sleep. A fusion of comfort and elegance, sleeping in a Hastens bed is weightless and rejuvenating. 


For more information on purchasing a Hastens bed, please call us at 305.326.4000.

The Health Benefits of Napping

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Is there anyone who does not enjoy a good nap? Now you have a good excuse to spend your Sunday afternoons dozing off instead of doing much-need housework – it can provide you with several health benefits. Daytime naps may help those with sleep disorders but can still make a difference for those without.

A short nap can help with sleepiness in the day and help you be more productive by providing you a much-needed boost of energy. Naps speed up alertness, increase reaction time, and help your cognitive functions perform to the best of their ability. Along with it – an increased memory. Multiple studies have found that nappers outperform those who do not nap in remembering new information. Naps can also boost your mood, which is perfect for a midday break from work.

If you can, try taking a daytime nap break from work (best done on one of the Hastens mattresses!)

Naps do not need to be long either – short naps on a horsetail hair mattress are actually better to reap in the health benefits of a good nap. Try a 15 to 30-minute nap. They will leave you feeling refreshed but will keep you from transitioning into a deeper sleep and waking up feeling more exhausted. In fact, long naps can cause issues – sleep inertia and insomnia.

Sleep inertia will have you feeling very groggy and most likely worse off than before your nap. With insomnia, too much daytime sleep can make it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep at night, ultimately disrupting your entire sleep cycle.

Next time you have the urge to doze off, maybe try a quick nap for the kick of energy you need.

Hastens Reveals New Furniture Collection This Month

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Swedish mattress expert, Hastens, has just revealed a new line of furniture, designed by Bernadotte & Kylberg. The inaugural collection, the first of its kind for Hastens, features beaches and nightstands that pair perfectly with their luxury mattress, made with their own graphic intarsia motifs. Hastens has been known worldwide for its top-of-the-line beds but is making its way into bedroom furniture.


The collection was made in collaboration with Tre Sekel, a furniture workshop, taking inspiration from Hasten’s famous white and checkered design. You can see the pattern designed on the wood, made with hand-laid ash and walnut intarsia patterns.


As for Bernadotte & Kylberg, it is their second collaboration with luxury wool mattress brand Hastens. Every piece follows Hasten’s commitment to quality throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. The bench comes with storage space covered by a soft lid and a dividing drawer that moves sideways for easy, hassle-free access. The pieces are available in ash and walnut and have immaculate attention to detail, such as lined leather pieces.


“Design is so much more than color and shape. It is also about sustainability – creating timeless products of high quality in a well-thought-out way,” says Oscar Kylberg. Bernadotte & Kylberg draw inspiration as well from what they associate with Hastens – an unwillingness to compromise on what matters most in a mattress, which is the sheer quality and detail of its makeup.


Hastens mattresses, like the Hastens Herlewing Mattresses, are available for purchase through Brickell Mattress both in-store and online. To find out more, please visit us online.

What Exactly Happens When You Sleep?

There is nothing quite like laying your head down on the pillow at night, feeling yourself drift off into another cozy night of rest. It is even better when you wake up feeling renewed and ready for the day. Sleep is an essential part of the human experience but remains quite a mystery when it comes to health science.


Here is what we know for sure:


Within minutes of falling asleep, there are significant changes in both the brain and body. Your body temperature drops, brain activity slows, along with your heart rate and respiration. Sleep scientists have narrowed down the four stages of sleeping, each lasting anywhere from 70 to 120 minutes.


In the first stage, which occurs in the first five minutes after falling asleep, all body systems are impacted by a good night’s sleep on comfortable mattresses, then transitioning into stage two, where similar things occur, but at a higher rate. It is easier to wake up at this time.


The third stage is where your body is relaxed, and the brain has the slowest activity. The third stage is the deepest part of non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Deep sleep is a key part of repairing the body and assists with memory. The final stage is the only stage of REM sleep, where your brain picks up activity, and most of the body goes through temporary paralysis, except your eyes and muscles used for breathing. This is where dreams usually happen.


Most people spend most of their sleeping time in REM, occurring more often in the later parts of the night. Each person will experience all four stages, but how long they stay in them and what changes in the body occur will depend on external factors such as activity levels and sleeping environment.


Looking for a better night of rest? Hastens mattresses are designed specifically to help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night. Try out the Hastens experience at Brickell Mattress, located in the heart of Miami on Calle Ocho.

Hastens Lands Feature in Luxury Magazine

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In the 2021 edition of the Braman Motor Cars Palm Beach Magazine, luxury mattress brand Hastens received a key feature. On page 53, you will find an installment of their latest ad, “Embracing Chaos.”


Sleeping in a Hastens mattress is like being awake for the first time in your life. It is an eye-opening experience that leads you to truly know the value of sleep. These mattresses are made with the perfect combination of natural materials and craftsmanship. You will feel the difference immediately after sleeping on a Hastens Vividus filled with high-quality springs, wood fibers, cotton, flax, and wooden joints for the entire day. Sleep is better with Hastens because it leaves you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for anything life puts in your path.


The feature was published in the Braman MotorCars Palm Beach Magazine, published by MMC Media International, LTD., a bespoke publishing company that has been working with luxury brands for over 30 years. Their work includes publications for brands such as Bently and Ferrari and other luxury car dealerships across the United States, Russia, Europe, and UAE.


All MMC Media magazines are printed on silk paper, working in partnership with world-class photographers, journalists, writers, and translators to deliver luxury on every page.


To purchase a Hastens mattress, visit Brickell Mattress, located in the heart of Miami at 1030 SW 8th Street. We are open seven days a week and have a 24/7 call-in sleep expert (call 305.912.3648). Brickell Mattress offers the largest selection of luxury beds in South Florida, with opportunities for a private showing of the best Hastens has to offer. Visit us online to book your appointment.

Summer is the Perfect Time for a Hastens Mattress

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Summer is officially here in Miami! While the sun is out, we know you will be busy having fun and getting lots of activity. Shouldn’t you get a great night’s sleep too? You will probably need it for all the things you have planned this summer, and a Hastens mattress is the perfect way to do that.

The Hastens Adjustable Bed is an adjustable bed with a hint of modernism. It is handcrafted with the same level of softness and support as other Hastens beds (and in case you did know this about Hastens – their beds are some of the most comfortable and luxurious in the world.) The Hastens adjustable mattress is a stand-out piece because it can adjust effortlessly with its elaborate mattress piping. This bed comes with a wireless remote that allows you to easily adjust the settings, so you are always able to find the perfect sleeping position for anybody.

The Hasten Adjustable Bed is also eco-friendly! Its motors are EcoDesign Directive certified, only using one-half of a watt of power during standby.

Any Hastens bed provides maximum comfort. Since they are made from all-natural horsehair, cotton, wool, and flax, they are packed with breathable layers for the ultimate support. Each bed is optimized for maximum support. Often, our lack of sleep and sleep issues are caused by a bad mattress that is not supportive. Hastens mattresses alleviate that problem and help many through the neck, shoulder, back, hip, and joint pain as they sleep. Hastens technology creates the optimum level of that support, aligning your body when you are asleep.

If you want to be sleep support for your summer of fun, a Hastens mattress is the way to go.

Hastens Vividus Mattress Featured in Miami Magazine – Modern Luxury

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In the May 2021 issue of Miami Magazine, the Hastens Vividus Mattress was featured and named one of the world’s most luxurious beds. Miami Magazine, part of the award-winning Modern Luxury Media network, is the guide for what’s what in living a glamorous life. The magazine features the top tastemakers, celebrities, international visitors, and power players of Miami. Inside, you can find fashion spreads, international travel pieces, celebrity profiles, and everything you need to know about luxury in Miami. The article features the Hastens Vividus mattress, showing that it is the preferred bed by A-listers Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt.

The Hastens Vividus is made in Koping, Sweden, and is made entirely of all-natural material such as horsetail hair, cotton, flax, natural wood, and Swedish Pine. Miami Magazine also mentions the Hastens Maranga, Eala, Herlewing, and 2000T as luxury items.

Read more about the Hastens Vividus at: https://digital.modernluxury.com/publication/?m=3623&i=703527&p=86&pp=2.

Hasten mattresses dominate the industry worldwide. Thankfully, you do not have to travel far or be an A-lister to experience the Hastens Vividus mattress. At Brickell Mattress, you will find the coveted mattress and can purchase a luxury mattress from us. You can also test out the mattress at Hastens’ showroom in the Design District, located at 112 NE 41st St., Miami, FL. There you can experience a unique, yet relaxed shopping experience by participating in a private sleep session with a mask, sheets, spa music, and mood lighting for 30 minutes to test them out.

Lifestyle and Wealth Magazine Name Checks Hästens

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Earlier this month, we celebrated another World Sleep Day which, as the name suggests, is all about recognizing the importance of sleep, how to improve it, and how it intertwines with so many parts of overall well-being.

The financial, wealth management, and lifestyle magazine Worth understands how important sleeping well and how sleep plays a role in success. In recognition of this, the Worth website recently published its 2021 Guide to Better Sleep, highlighting several product recommendations all centered around getting a better night’s sleep.

Coming in at number one on the list was none other than the Hästens Grand Vividus, which Worth calls the “Bentley of beds”. Besides talking about the craftsmanship behind the bed, the article also mentions its older sibling the Hästens Vividus. For those curious to try the bed, the article also mentions the Regent Seven Seas Splendor, the luxury cruise line which is also home to the two-bedroom Regent Suite spanning over 4,000 square feet and boasting Hästens beds.

While the two Vividus beds are considered top of the line when it comes to Hästens, there are other beds made by the Swedish manufacturer that still provide the incredible comfort Hästens has become known for. These beds are also made by hand and use only all-natural materials to create supremely restful sleep experiences.

Contact us or visit Brickell Mattress for more information on our top mattresses brands.

Entrepreneur Singles Out Hästens

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Entrepreneurs are some of the hardest working individuals in the world, attending meetings, making new connections, spearheading new ideas, and constantly seeking to fulfill an insatiable thirst for success. As incredibly busy individuals, many of them barely have enough time of the day, let alone to get a good night’s sleep.

Most of us know that at least seven hours of genuinely restful sleep each night is essential for a healthy body and mind. Failing to get enough sleep will result in sleep deprivation which, beyond negatively affecting the body, may also affect an entrepreneur’s ability to make the most clear-headed decisions regarding their business success.

With this in mind, the website Entrepreneur took a look at eight of the best mattresses for entrepreneurs that may be dealing with sleep deprivation and we’re excited to tell you that one of the names mentioned was none other than Swedish bed maker Hästens!

Specifically, the Hästens Herlewing was deemed the “Best Luxury Mattress”. The Hästens Herlewing elevates sleep performance with multiple interacting spring systems and several hand-wrapped layers of quality all-natural material, all made by hand by highly skilled artisans.

The advanced spring mechanism in the Hästens Herlewing is based on the same cutting-edge architecture as other high-end mattresses like the 2000T. The hand-fitted springs adjust to pressure in different ways, ensuring maximum comfort in virtually any position and no matter how many times a person moves. Two people can sleep in the Herlewing with one person remaining unaffected by the movements of the other.

Contact us for any questions about top mattress brands or our mattress collection.

Hästens Makes an Appearance on Deco Drive

Posted March 22nd, 2021 in Hastens, Top Mattress Brands by coreyconsulting

The celebrity gossip and entertainment news magazine Deco Drive on WSVN has remained a South Florida staple since its January 8, 1996 debut. Currently hosted by Lynn Martinez and Shireen Sandoval, the show has pivoted from being largely entertainment-based to also focusing heavily on local South Florida events, businesses, and buzzy restaurants.

Earlier this week, Deco Drive’s entertainment reporter Alex Miranda made a stop at the Hästens store in Miami and the segment was featured on the show. Miranda was given the full treatment where he got to slip into some ultra-comfortable Hästens Blue-Check Pajamas and Down Boots.

The bed Alex Miranda got to try to out was none other than the Hästens Vividus. The bed has earned a reputation for being akin to a tangible dream and based on Miranda’s reaction, it is arguably one of, if not the most comfortable bed you’ll ever sleep on in your life. The bed is genuinely world-class, as it is Hästens’ finest and most luxurious bed ever. Horsetail hair, for example, is thinly woven into the bed and naturally twisted to form strong, springy spirals. Hundreds of hours of handcrafted workmanship have gone into creating the Vividus, its all-natural materials, and masterminding something ultra-comfortable you’ll look forward to sleeping in each day.

You can see the Hästens Vividus in person by visiting the Hastens store at 112 NE 41 Street in the Miami Design District. Visit the following link to see the Deco Drive video on the WSVN website:https://wsvn.com/entertainment/hastens-mattress-maker-to-the-stars-opens-sleep-spa-in-design-district/. For more information on our top mattresses brands, please visit Brickell Mattress.