Detoxify Your Brain with a Good Night’s Sleep

Previously we talked about how sleep serves as a way for your brain to reboot itself daily. As research continues into the correlations between the brain and sleep, it’s becoming increasingly clear how vital sleep is to keep the brain in healthy shape.

A study published in a journal appropriately titled Science examines how the body “detoxifies” the brain during sleep and how this may assist with treating diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Study participants were asked to sleep inside of an MRI machine. When participants reached a state of non-REM sleep, a clear, water-like liquid known as cerebrospinal fluid would wash over the brain as neurons would “turn off”, clearing it of toxins like beta-amyloid which may contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s

When a person is awake, neurons will not turn off simultaneously. Therefore, brain blood levels do not drop enough to allow substantial waves of cerebrospinal fluid to circulate the brain and clear all the accumulating metabolic by-products, such as beta-amyloid.

The information above serves as yet another reminder of why it’s imperative to take sleep seriously. To read more about the study, visit https://science.sciencemag.org/content/366/6465/628.

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