Hästens Novoria Lets You Sleep the Way You Like

The adjustable bed better known as the Hästens Novoria is all about fantastically modern luxury. Handmade using the same degree of softness, comfort, and support as the rest of the renowned Hästens beds, the Novoria remains in its own class thanks to its ease of adjustment and astute attention to delicate details such as the extensive mattress piping. These qualities, together, result in a merger of firmness that sits right above the Lenoria, another Hästens adjustable bed.

The Hästens Novoria consists of only natural materials, including horsehair, cotton, wool, and flax, producing thick, breathable layers for the utmost pliability and static elimination. Collectively, these materials make the bed extremely comfortable and allow you to shift positions without causing the other person sleeping with you any disturbance. In addition, the pair of Hästens Novoria spring systems offer first-class support in keeping the body aligned during sleep.

The Hästens Novoria wireless remote makes it easy to configure the bed to your desired location. The bed is powered by motors that are environmentally sustainable and approved by the EcoDesign Directive, using just half watt of power while in standby. Also, the Novoria allows for the ability to individually adjust, suitable for partners who choose different degrees of firmness.

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