When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep, What Happens to Your Brain?

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When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep, What Happens to Your Brain?

Having a lack of sleep has a negative effect on your brain’s ability to function. Brain rest is the most basic function of sleep. During slumber, you lose awareness of what is happening around you, your movements slow down, and so too your metabolism slows down. In this phase of sleep, you can allow your brain to rest and recharge. And when you wake up, your mind is fresh and your thinking is unclouded.


However, on the other side of the pillow, a lack of sleep may have a detrimental impact on the ability of your brain to perform properly. For this reason, sleep deprivation can have far-reaching implications because the brain is in charge of all of your bodily functions. Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your mood, cause confusion in your reasoning, and cause your muscles to become weak.


Fortunately, you won’t have to suffer through another day of not getting enough shut-eye and rest. A well-made handcrafted mattress, such as Vispring, can undoubtedly help. Simply put, sleeping in the most comfortable bed on the planet is the best way for you to wind down for the night. Furthermore, you will be able to improve your overall health by sleeping on a luxury Vispring mattress that has been expertly customized to your specific needs. You’ll wake up each morning feeling re-energized and ready to take on the world.


For more information about our collection of luxury mattresses, visit us online.

Save On V-Spring Beds Before the Prices Go Up

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Save On V-Spring Beds Before the Prices Go Up

At Brickell Mattress, we’re on a mission to reinvent the experience of buying a new bed or mattress. We carry top mattress brands on the market today to provide you the best sleep possible. However, as the cost of materials, labor, and transportation continues to climb, so will the cost of Vispring Mattresses. But this price increase will not go into effect until March 1, 2022, so don’t wait until spring for a better night’s sleep.

The perfect time to improve your sleep quality, look no further than Vispring for a luxurious sleeping experience that you must feel to believe. Vispring’s two and three coil layer mattresses offer you one-of-a-kind night’s sleep. Handcrafted by master bed makers, every piece of material is handled with care and finished to the highest standard.

Vispring scours the globe for the most opulent and long-lasting natural materials.The materials used to produce these mattresses are renewable and biodegradable, and the wood comes from Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests. Furthermore, all Vispring mattresses are adjustable, allowing them to be used with an adjustable bed foundation. The materials and craftsmanship that go into each Vispring luxury mattress ensures their owners can enjoy many years of the best sleep possible.

Don’t wait another night to feel the difference of a Vispring bed. Visit us online or in store today at Brickell Mattress before costs go up next month.

Beat the Price Increase on Vispring Mattresses

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Beat the Price Increase on Vispring Mattresses

As materials, labor, and transportation costs continue to rise, the prices of Vispring Mattresses will also be increasing. This change will not take effect until March 1, 2022. Visit us today and buy your new bed before prices increase in the spring!


Vispring mattresses are the epitome of luxury mattresses. The British company stands by its unwavering promise to comfort through meticulously crafted beds made from the world’s finest materials. Their beds have an unparalleled sense of craftsmanship, formed by over one hundred years of experience that you won’t find in just any bed. The Vispring promise is of quality and a warranty that lasts for thirty years.


Brickell Mattresses’ Vispring collection includes eight types of incredible handcrafted beds that can be easily incorporated into any bedroom. With a Vispring bed, your sleep will become deep, supportive, and opulent.


Each bed has layers of heat-treated wire springs, rows of hand stitching, plush covering, and luxurious fillings made of alpaca and pure cashmere. When you sleep on a Vispring bed, you will experience a warm embrace that you will not find on any other bed in the world.


Choose from the following:


  • Masterpiece Superb

  • The Victoria

  • The Regent


  • The Emerald Adjustable Bed

  • The Statesman Divan King

  • Elite (medium)

  • Coronet

  • Regal Superb King

  • Classic Superb

  • Tiara Superb

  • Shetland Superb

  • Sublime Superb

  • Signatory Superb King


To get your own Vispring luxury bed, visit us in-store at 1030 SW 8th St, Miami, FL, or give us a call at 305.697.1672 with any questions you may have.

An Elevated Sleep Experience With the Hastens Grand Vividus

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Brickell Mattress is no stranger to luxury beds, and the Hastens Grand Vividus hand crafted bed is no exception. This luxury mattress is perhaps the best to be released from Hastens Mattresses, a luxury mattress manufacturer in Sweden. For decades, Hastens has defined what it means to sleep on the world’s best beds, and the Grand Vividus only reinforces that reality.


This mattress is made from breathable cotton, a unique hand upholstered woven fabric with Hastens’ signature horse insignia that has been used since 1917, European leather, and a solid nubuck base. Additional materials include shagreen – a rich-textured hide that covers the corners and handles of the bed, along with brass detailing that embodies the history of Hastens, all the way back to the days of the Swedish Royal Court.


The Hastens Grand Vivivdus is available at Brickell Mattress and comes in four color variations – traditional blue check design, black shadow, grey, and white.


Visit us in-store to learn more.


Brickell Mattress has been redefining the experience of shopping for a new mattress. Our vision rehabs the norm or boring mattress and replaces it with comfortable, high-quality designs that provide ease and assurance. Each of our specialists has a minimum of five years of experience in the industry and is well-versed in providing friendly and helpful service. Each specialist is also bilingual. We are ready to help you, whether you want a mattress quickly or wish to customize your bed.


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The Benefits of Sharing a Bed with Your Valentine

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The Benefits of Sharing a Bed with Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is commonly associated with flowers, chocolates and shiny things. Yet, it’s often said the greatest gift is a great night’s sleep. So what’s the best gift for your valentine?


Well, according to sleep experts, new research shows sleeping with a partner can improve one’s overall well-being. Besides the obvious reasons of comfort and safety, sharing a bed with someone has a positive chemical reaction, too. Sleeping next to someone releases dopamine and serotonin, which can be converted into melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that makes a person feel sleepy, and in turn influences sleeping and waking periods. In a sense, this biological clock is responsible for booking one’s sleep every night. Checking them in and out so that they can take full advantage of all the benefits sleep has to offer.


Above the skin and under the sheets, sleeping with a partner can also strengthen a couple’s relationship. A better night’s sleep is key to long-term physical health and emotional wellness. A great night’s sleep calms anxiety and relieves stress, benefitting the relationship of those who share a bed. A well-rested couple is a happier couple, and when a bed is shared with a partner, levels of happiness improve.


This Valentine’s day, perhaps the greatest gift you can give your partner is yourself, though chocolates can never hurt, too.

Sleeping isn’t the only thing better together. This Friday February 11, through Monday February 14, Hastens mattresses invites you to a Valentine’s Day experience. Enjoy a glass of red wine with a bite of chocolate, before getting into bed with your Valentine.


To RSVP: Contact Juan Quintero at juan.quintero@hastensstores.com or call 305.363.7098

What is Sleep Hygiene?

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Sleep hygiene – it is an incredibly important component of sleep to help prevent insomnia, a sleep disorder, and sleep deprivation. While it sounds like cleanliness, that is actually not quite what it means (though that is important too). Sleep hygiene refers to having a bedroom and daily routine that promote healthy sleep.


Sleep hygiene varies from person to person and can be impacted by sleeping on top mattress brands, work schedules, napping, daytime habits, health habits, and more.


Having a healthy sleep is vital for physical and mental health, no matter your age. Good sleep hygiene, especially with a luxury mattress collection, can put you in a great state of mind and physical conditions to sleep well every night. The bottom line of sleep hygiene is the environment you fall asleep in and the habits you engage in every day.


If you do not have great sleep hygiene and may be feeling some back pain, test different elements of your own sleep to see how you can better your ret. For example, it may be time to get a new mattress or to try sleeping without the TV on.


You can also improve your sleep hygiene by creating healthy habits, such as getting enough sunlight and physical activity. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can poorly affect your sleep hygiene, and drinking too much caffeine in the afternoon and evening may make it more difficult for you to fall asleep as well.


For more information about how you can use a better mattress to get better sleep, visit Brickell Mattress online.

Your Dream Mattress is Here

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Hastens Marquis mattresses

Have you always dreamed of owning a one-of-a-kind bed? Perhaps you have heard plenty about the namesake of Hastens and have been eager to try one of their horsetail hair mattresses for yourself. Well, now you can experience the original, simplest model of the famous Hastens blue-check print. The Hastens Marquis Mattress is the best and most simple way to get a quality mattress without sacrificing all the quality that Hastens has to offer.


The Hastens Marquis helped make Hastens what it is today – one of the world’s most desired bed brands. Horsetail hair, wool, and cotton and crafted together by hand through a special layer technique. All Hastens beds are made by highly-skilled, expert bed builders in their home country of Sweden.


Craftsmanship is what sets Hastens apart and what allows Hastens Marquis mattresses to be responsive and moldable to your body to get the right degree of firmness. Nights of quality sleep and days of feeling amazing are not too far off.


The natural fibers allow an additional layer of comfort to support your body and allow air circulation to keep the body cool and dry throughout the night. Its double spring system helps your body feel supported so it can relax. Plus, each spring reacts separately, so no more waking up when your partner is moving around in bed.


The Hastens Marquis can be purchased at Brickell Mattress. Choose from 14 different original fabric colors and three levels of firmness. Accessories such as a headboard, bed skirts, and pillows may also be purchased.


Visit us in-store or online to learn more.

Better Sleep With the Hastens Grand Vividus

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Hastens Grand Vividus
What is your sleep worth to you? For many American adults, we understand that sleep is a valuable part of any health routine, however, it remains one of the most neglected components of our health. Between work stress and busy schedules, better sleep seems to be something fewer and fewer people are experiencing.
It may be time to assess your mattress when you cannot figure out how to get back into a great sleep pattern. What better way to do that than considering aHastens Grand Vividus luxury mattress?
The Hastens Grand Vividus sets itself apart from every other mattress in the world.Hastens Mattresses are a one-of-a-kind designer sleep experience. With the Grand Vividus, Hastens teamed up with acclaimed designer Ferris Rafauli for an exclusive collaboration. The Grand Vividus is more than a mattress, it’s the single most important part of your home.
The luxury mattress is only made in their manufacturing facility in Köping, Sweden. They ensure every bed produced lives up to the high standard of care Hastens set for their mattress. Expert mattress makers hand stitch pieces on the bed and bring it together through quality materials such as breathable cotton and naturally tanned European leather.
The Grand Vividus is available at Brickell Mattress and can be ordered in one of four colors – traditional blue, black shadow, phanthom charcoal, and natural shale. No matter your style, the Grand Vividus can integrate easily into your home, providing you with better sleep.
Visit Brickell Mattressonline to learn more about ordering your Hastens Grand Vividus Mattress.

Poor Sleep Can Affect The Skin

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A night of little sleep is unlikely to leave you feeling terrible in the long run. However, consecutive nights of poor sleep can not only impact your health and how you physically feel but can also negatively impact the appearance of your face.


Hydration, PH level, color, and even acne can all be impacted by our sleep schedule. This is because our body needs rest to restore itself – and the skin is no different. Think about a time you did not get enough sleep – you probably felt off, and your skin may have looked dull. Sleep keeps our faces looking bright and fresh but also keeps us healthy.


The skin has a 24-hour circadian rhythm, just like many other systems in our bodies. So, getting more than six hours a night is crucial to maintaining the appearance of healthy skin. Younger people may also be more prone to acne with a lack of sleep.


Sleep deprivation causes stress within the body, raising cortisol levels significantly, and along with it? Inflammation and more sebum production, which clogs pores and eventually lead to breakouts.


Lack of sleep also takes a hit on our immune system. To prevent acne, your skin needs the immune system to help it fight off germs. However, bacteria can build up faster, infecting the pores without that. An alert immune system can help prevent that.


One way to get better sleep? Try changing your mattress. The Hastens Maranga mattresses are the finest horsetail hair mattress and support your body as you rest for the ultimate sleep. Find out more about the mattress, available at Brickell Mattress, here.

New Vispring Mattress to Come to Brickell Mattress in 2022

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Vispring Cashmere Superb Miami
We are excited to announce that Brickell Mattress will be receiving a new addition to the Vispring collection in 2022. The Vispring Cashmere Superb will be added to our lineup of top mattress brands in January. Stay tuned for updates, such as the official launch date. 


Vispring mattresses are among the best beds in the world. The British-based brand has been delivering quality for over a century and has been met with success. They are well recognized as one of the most useful tools for getting a better night’s sleep. Each bed is hand-crafted from only the finest materials in the world, made by highly-regarded masters of the art of bed-making.


Shetland fleece wool, organic cotton, horsehair, cashmere, alpaca fur, honeycomb nested stacked pocket coils made of Vanadium steel, elegant side-stitching, and a cashmere/silk blended quilt top are some of the many differences Vispring offers in a mattress. Plus, some of their mattresses can work with adjustable beds. 


Their materials are not just a tool to help you sleep well, they are also environmentally friendly. Every material that is picked to make up Vispring mattresses are just as comfortable as they are sustainable. The makeup of these matters is natural and pure.


In 2012, Vispring was awarded the Queen’s Aware for Enterprise. This award recognizes a business that excels in international trade, innovation, and sustainable developments. 


The excellence does not stop there. Vispring makes every effort to help you find the best bed for you and take care of it for years to come. Each mattress comes with a 30-year guarantee. 


Brickell Mattress is proud to offer Vispring mattresses at our Miami-based shop. Visit us in-store to find your perfect match.