How Carpe Diem Beds Came to Be

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Last time we told you a little more about Swedish luxury bed maker Carpe Diem and what it’s all about. Today we’d like to tell you a little more about its history which begins with a man named Börje Thuleskär. Mister Thuleskär had dreams of becoming a chiropractor, which fueled his passion to learn more about human anatomy and physiology. As Thuleskär gained knowledge, he began to see the importance of sleeping well and how it affected the body and mind. With that in mind, Thuleskär decided to invest in a high end bed.


The bed Thuleskär bought failed to live up to his expectations. It was during an outing to the island of Kornö that Thuleskär had an epiphany of sorts, mesmerized by the beauty of the island and its natural landscape. Walking barefoot over the rocks, Thuleskär relaxed on a bed of wild heather, completely immersed in nothing but the natural sounds as the heather molded to his body shape. It was during this moment that Börje Thuleskär was inspired to create a bed focused on comfort and achieving a genuine sleep experience.


Today, Carpe Diem Mattresses of Sweden are exported to more than eleven different countries.


This update is by Brickell Mattress. We sell luxury beds and the world’s top mattress brands: VISPRING Luxury Beds and mattresses, Hästens Since 1852 and CARPE DIEM BEDS OF SWEDEN. We offer a sterling selection of mattresses including organic & natural latex, as well as handcrafted beds and innerspring mattresses. We also have a broad selection of bedroom furniture and accessories. With more than eight years of working in the bedding industry, we pride ourselves on being your premium quality sleep center in Miami-Dade County. Visit us online at, at our store located at 1030 SW 8th Street in Miami or give us a call at 305-326-4000 for more information on Hastens mattresses or other brands.

Brickell Mattress Featured in South Florida Luxury Guide

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Brickell Mattress Featured in South Florida Luxury GuideBrickell Mattress has been featured in South Florida Luxury Guide, a prestigious publication known to cater toward the exquisite tastes of the Sunshine State’s most fashionable residents. It is a great honor to be featured alongside so many of the world’s most upscale brands and businesses, and we are pleased to share the article here on the Brickell Mattress Blog! To read the full article, click on the image below.

Step into the Brickell Mattress showroom, and you will feel the hustle and bustle of busy Miami slowly fade away. Our gallery-inspired storefront presents each mattress as it might be found in your home, making it easier to judge comfort, quality, and desirability. Come in, lie down, and enjoy complimentary WiFi while trying memory foam, latex, and our new Couture Collection. Sleep Experts are available to provide complimentary sleep consultation, product demonstrations, and much more.

South Florida Luxury Guide Teaser for Brickell Mattress

Best of the Best

The spotlight of the South Florida Luxury Guide article is undoubtedly Vispring, Britain’s most famous ultra luxury bed maker. Founded in 1901 by the inventor of the innerspring mattress, James Marshall, Vispring represents more than a century of exceptional bespoke beds and mattress craftsmanship.

The use of 100% certified organic materials is one of the biggest selling points of Vispring mattresses, with customers being drawn to the cashmere, alpaca, and horsetail hair fills. Others choose Vispring to indulge in a brand that has a rich history of unparalleled luxury— a brand whose lavish mattresses donned the First Class cabins of the Titanic in 1912.

Seize the Day

Also featured in the South Florida Luxury Guide article is Carpe Diem, an ultra luxury bed and mattress brand that hails from Sweden. The company’s eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing process resonates with lux customers who actively look for ways to make smarter purchases that improve both personal and environmental health.

Every day is an adventure— will you be ready? That message is at the core of every Carpe Diem, and each bed is manufactured with high quality materials designed to improve sleep, health, and overall quality of life. An interior designer’s dream come true, Carpe Diem features a variety of beds that are as beautiful as they are comfortable. Sharp aesthetics, adjustable bases, and customizable finishing touches give each Carpe Diem a look that is both unique and commanding.

Experience the Couture Collection at Brickell Mattress

At Brickell Mattress, our team of Sleep Experts specializes in helping customers find the ideal sleep solution for more restful nights that drive more fulfilling days. Shop the Couture Collection, and find a mattress that will be customized according to your height, weight, support needs, and sleep position preference. Our mattress showroom is conveniently located at 1030 SW 8th St., just outside of Miami’s Brickell Financial District.

To reserve a sleep consultation or product demonstration, contact a Sleep Expert at 305-326-4000.

South Florida’s Foremost Collection of Ultra-Luxury Beds

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South Florida’s Foremost Collection of Ultra-Luxury BedsIf you are looking for the pinnacle in luxury beds look no further than Brickell Mattress. Featured in their Couture Collection, the brands of Carpe Diem and VISPRING represent the world finest mattresses. Borne from the rich heritage or European bed making, Carpe Diem and VISPRING exemplify meticulous handmade craftsmanship fit for royalty. These brands are rarely found in the US, but can be seen in store or online through Brickell Mattress.

With the use of strong supple vanadium steel springs and a unique pocket coil design supplemented by exotic yet sensible materials like Alpaca, horsetail hair, coconut husk, cashmere, bamboo, silk, organic cotton, and wool from the Shetland Isle, VISPRING makes a bed with a truly legendary support system that is also incredibly breathable and sleeps cooler than any other. These beds are built to stand the test of time, when normal beds average a maximum life of 10 years, the average VISPRING will hold up for as long as 30 years without signs of aging. With so much time invested into each perfect bed, VISPRING mattresses are works of art as much as they are beds. This gives real meaning to the crowning model of the VISPRING collection The Masterpiece, this mattress embodies perfection.

After competing with the world-class company Hästens for decades, Carpe Diem has perfected its beds, arguable making the best beds in the world through a fundamental design difference in their base and top mattress design and the utilization of breathable natural materials. They have won best overall mattress in Scandinavia 7 years in a row, a statement that captures the perfection that is each and every Carpe Diem bed. Carpe Diem beds are considered my many in the industry the most comfortable beds ever made. Come in and see for yourself, experience a new comfort that is absolutely indescribable.

Experience Ultra Luxury at Brickell Mattress

The beds from VISPRING and Carpe Diem represent simply the best in innerspring comfort, quality, elegance, durability, and the use of natural materials. It is a must that you come in and experience these beds for yourself; they are truly life-changing. Brickell Mattress is located at 1030 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33129, come in today and start your one of a kind mattress experience. For more information go to or call 305-326-4000 to talk to a sleep professional who will guide you every step of the way. Come to Brickell Mattress, and start sleeping like you never have before.

All Natural Mattresses in Miami

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All Natural Mattresses in MiamiIt seems like there is a new synthetic material every day that is discovered to be either carcinogenic or a contributor to cancer development in the body. Despite this, the majority of products we come in contact with every day are synthetic, unfortunately including the majority of people’s mattresses.

If you are interested in a more natural, healthier lifestyle, the first place to start would be to choose natural mattress. Brickell Mattress of Miami, FL carries the finest selection of natural and organic mattresses, ranging from soy-based memory foam mattresses to Ultra-Luxury brands that are constructed entirely from natural materials.

Find an All Natural Mattress in Miami

The end goal at Brickell Mattress is to achieve a healthier and happier you by providing healthier products and fitting you with the bed that is exactly tailored to your needs.

All Natural Luxury Beds

Brickell Mattress carries both Ultra-Luxury brands Carpe Diem and Vi-Spring, indisputably two of the best mattress brands in the world. If you are looking for simply the best in innerspring comfort, quality, durability, elegance, and the use of natural materials, you absolutely need come in and experience the finest world-class beds for yourself. You may also view our Couture Collection here.

No other Ultra-Luxury beds in the world compare to these brands in use of natural materials. You will find natural cotton, organic latex, and wool in every Carpe Diem, and can find natural exotic materials such as cashmere, wool from the Shetland Isle, alpaca, horsetail hair, and even more in a Vi-Spring. All this to provide you with a world class bed free of any chemicals whatsoever that will promote a healthier you.

All Natural Foam Mattresses

Brickell Mattress also provides a wide range of some of the finest and most natural memory foam beds on the market from Select Foam. These beds, unlike most memory foam beds, are built with soy-based memory foam with the idea in mind to avoid all the harmful chemicals associated with petroleum based memory foam. You will also find 100% natural latex beds available at Brickell Mattress, completing a whole lineup of some of the most natural beds in the world.

Going All-Natural in Miami

For the best natural bed experience in all of Florida, check out Brickell Mattress located at:

1030 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33129

Come in today to start your one of a kind natural mattress experience! For more information go to or call 305-326-4000 to talk to a Sleep Expert who will guide you through every step of the way. Come to Brickell Mattress, and start sleeping like you never have before!


Carpe Diem Ultra-Luxury Beds in Miami

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Carpe Diem Beds Arrive in MiamiThe most exclusive and luxurious beds in the world are those by Carpe Diem, and there is only one place to find these beds in the whole Florida Region. This store is an Ultra-Luxury bed boutique in the heart of Miami providing the finest selection of beds in the whole world, Brickell Mattress. Carpe Diem of Sweden has been a dominant bed maker in Europe for many years, and is considered a maker of the most elegant and comfortable beds in the world. If you are looking for world class comfort, quality, durability, luxury, and a unique elegance, no other bed maker exceeds Carpe Diem in these respects.

Carpe Diem has been making beds in Sweden for around a century and has now been voted the overall best bed maker in Scandinavia seven years in a row. The region of Scandinavia has been a legendary center for quality mattresses for years, making Carpe Diem’s award of best overall very impressive. Carpe Diem utilizes innovative Scandinavian and Continental bed designs that are built with the finest quality natural materials and a patent pending bottom segment that provides possibly the world’s best pressure relief and support. This bottom segment is complimented by an innovative transverse pocket spring system below a natural latex mid mattress and an intensely comfortable top mattress comprised of organic cotton and New Zealand wool. These components act together to make a bed that is truly a competitor for the title of best mattress in the world. Every Carpe Diem is meticulously handcrafted over the course of 20 hours on average, instilling a quality that can truly be felt when one lays down on a Carpe Diem.

If you are interested in sleeping on the best beds in the world, contact Brickell Mattress today! It is a must that you come in and experience these beds for yourself; they are truly life-changing. Brickell Mattress is located at 1030 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33129, come in today and start your one of a kind mattress experience. For more information go to or call 305-326-4000 to talk to a sleep professional who will guide you every step of the way.

Travel Program. If you are interested in seeing Carpe Diem beds in person, but you do not live in the area, Brickell Mattress will fly you down to the store for free! Call today, you have nothing to lose, and a lot of amazing sleep to gain.